Time to Tailgate!


You know it is the fall season when you start thinking about tailgating gear. From hotdogs and brats to sporting team colors and packing the cooler, there is nothing quite like the thrill of tailgating on a chilly fall day. According to an article, you have to decide ahead of time if you are going to be the host or just a participant in the tailgate party. If you do decide to be the host, then make sure that you plan it well so that you can pull off an enjoyable tailgate for everyone. Some basic tailgate tips include: planning the menu out in advance, dressing in your team colors, making a list of items that you will be taking, locating a good spot with easy access for everyone, arriving early to set up, flying a flag or balloons so your friends can find you, meeting the tailgaters around you, decorating your table with your team colors, and making sure food is ready one hour before the game starts. To make things even easier on yourself you might try and cook a few things the night before the game this way, you will be able to get everything out there quicker leaving you with some time to enjoy the game as well.


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